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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to..
  • stare at your beautifully manicured lawn?
  • sit out by your fireplace on your beautiful patio?
  • enjoy the retaining wall that adds value to your property?
  • hear the whistling wind on the leaves of your new, carefully placed trees?
  • have a cleared space to play ball with your child?
    Hello and welcome to the Harris Lawn and Landscape website.  We are dedicated professionals providing you the best possible services to adequately meet your lawn and landscaping needs. We use only quality products and employee knowledgeable, skillful, polite and helpful lawn care specialists.   We provide both commercial and residential services to meet all of your lawn care needs.  Please take a moment to browse the site and to read About Us to find out who we are.  Then to get a better understanding of the services we provide, check out Our Services.  Finally you can view many images of our unique beautification process by clicking on The Gallery.  Facebook users? If you like what you see here, please show us by clicking the like button below.   We are proud members of the Eden Chamber of Commerce.
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